CardiOS 60 capsules

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CardiOS' unique formulation of bioactive ingredients may:

  • Facilitate integration of calcium into bone
  • Assist in osteoporosis
  • Help reduce bone loss in post-menopausal women
  • Support cardiovascular health, endothelial function
  • Activate liver detoxification enzymes
  • Help improve working memory
  • Relieve insomnia and enhance sleep quality
  • Help regulate redox balance

Serving Type: Vegetable Cellulose Size '00' Capsule (suitable for vegetarians).  Available in white screw-top bottles of 60 Capsules.

CardiOS is a unique formulation designed to address key functions in cardiovascular health, bone health, stress management and cognitive decline via the selection of complementary bioactives at doses demonstrated to significantly impact the physiological systems they are targeting.  CardiOS addresses major factors associated with age-related physiological decline and as such, may significantly benefit those approaching mid-life and beyond.

  @  $46.00


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