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Why use natural deodorant? At Solutions Skin and Health Clinic we believe perspiration is a natural process the body performs to cool us down as needed and an excellent way to remove toxins, so it makes sense that stopping this process may have adverse effects on our health. Antiperspirants and deodorants are 2 different products. Antiperspirants block you actually perspiring whereas a deodorant allows you to perspire but prevents odour. Our “all natural” deodorant made and formulated by our naturopath in small batches, contain essential oils that inhibit the growth of bacteria that are the cause of your odour and magnesium carbonate a natural mineral that has many positive benefits for your body but is a well-known (or maybe not) natural deodorizer and anti-inflammatory. (See our information on topical magnesium). Choose one of 4 different scents that will help eliminate odour but also have the added benefits of aromatherapy.

Citrus: contains cedarwood, lemon, orange, lavender and rose. For a gorgeous fresh scent with known antiseptic benefits from cedarwood. Also known to promote relaxation and balance. Perfect to reduce stress of a busy day. Apply as often as required.

Peppermint: Is a favourite over the warmer months as it gives a cooling sensation and can relieve sore muscles. Used topically as your deodorant it has antimicrobial properties and may freshen your breath, relieve an upset stomach and headaches. Apply as often as required.

Rose geranium: This is a gorgeous scented deodorant and in our clinic we often use this oil to balance hormones but topically, like many essential oils can eliminate fungi and bacteria and as a cicatrisant can treat a variety of skin disorders. Apply as often as required. 

Lavender: One of the most popular essential oils that has been used for medicinal purposes for over 2500 years. It is known to deepen your breathing rate and lower your pulse rate, improve sleep and alleviate head tension all as well as inhibiting that odour causing bacteria. Apply as often as required. 

Which one do we recommend… all of them! Choose your mood for the day.

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